【Important notice】Cancelation of MIA Events(scheduled in April) in response to the Proliferation of the Novel Coronavirus Infection (COVID-19)

Under the circumstances of the Proliferation of the Novel Coronavirus Infection (COVID-19),due to considering of the health and safety of the participants, MIA has decided to cancel the following MIA events and programs.

・〈Japanese Language Salon〉“Let’s learn Japanese expressions to use when you go to hospital.”(Apr 11,18,25)
・Orientation meeting : MIA Nihongo Koryu-In and MIA Volunteers for international exchanges(Apr 18)
・Parent/child participation! Kids play club for international understanding: Cooking course (Apr 25)
・Know the world! Let’s communicate with people worldwide!”- USA(Apr 25)

When you participate in MIA events and programs, please pay attention as follows:

・If you have fever and/or do not feel well, please avoid participation.
・Please take measures to prevent infection such as wearing a mask.
・Virus incubation period is 2 weeks. Those who return from overseas and still are within 2 weeks,please avoid participation.
・For those who contact returnees from overseas, please avoid participation within 2 weeks.

Events might be canceled and postponed due to schedule and scale from now on. We ask for your kind understanding and cooperation.

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