【留学生対象】留学生ファミリープログラム(秋の部)参加者募集 “Ryugakusei” Musashino Family Program (Autumn)Participants wanted


“Ryugakusei”Musashino Family Program(English)


The main activity of this Program is home visits (day-trips to a local family) and also international student and local family can enjoy communicating in their own way or style. Due to the covid-19,students talk with their host family via applications such as LINE,ZOOM,SKYPE and so on this year. All activities are conducted in Japanese. This program is designed for international students studying at universities in Musashino city and neighborhood. For those who come to Japan in autumn, it is from October to September of the next year.

 1.申込み方法 To enroll


Students of Asia University, Seikei University, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, Tokyo Woman’s Christian University and Tokyo University of Agriculture and Engineering can apply on MIA website.

留学生むさしのファミリープログラム申込みフォーム Application form for Ryugakusei musashino family program

 2.申込みしめきり:11月7日(土) Due date: Nov 7th(Sat)

 3.留学生オリエンテーション、ファミリーとの顔合わせ:1017()13:30-15:00(予定) スイング11F

“Orientation for Ryugakusei” ”Introductory Meeting” October 17 (Sat) 13:30-15:00 SWING 11F

〒180-0022东京都武藏野市境2-14-1 SWING大厦9F
电话 0422-36-4511 传真 0422-36-4513
开放日:周二~周六 9:00~17:00(周日、周一、节假日休息)