“Ryugakusei” Musashino Family Program

To International students who want to interact with local family

The main activity of this Program is home visits (day-trips to a local family) and also international student and local family can enjoy communicating in their own way or style. This program also includes events such as cultural exchange parties which will give you the opportunity to meet new friends, and lectures about communication between different cultures which will help you understand people in a different culture. All activities are conducted in Japanese. This program is designed for international students studying at universities in Musashino city and neighborhood. In principle the duration of this program is one year. For foreign students who come to Japan in spring it is from April to March of the next year. For those who come to Japan in autumn, it is from October to September of the next year. 

To enroll

Students of Asia University, Seikei University, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, Tokyo Woman’s Christian University and Tokyo University of Agriculture and Engineering can apply on MIA website.

留学生むさしのファミリープログラム申込みフォーム Application form for Ryugakusei musashino family program

Notice of “Ryugakusei” Musashino Family Program

“Orientation for Ryugakusei” ”Introductory Meeting”   Any time after April

At the meeting, those who sign up will be introduced to the family with whom they contact for a year. Details shall be updated individually.

“The Musashino family exchange party” June 26(Sat)15:00-17:00 SWING 11F

Foreign students and Japanese families introduce their own cultures. You can experience various cultures with your family.

For “Ryugakusei” Interested in Home Visits to Families in the Community

If you are a foreign student at Asia University, Seikei University, Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology or Tokyo University of Foreign Studies can apply ”Ryugakusei” Musashino Family Program on MIA website. If you are student of other university,  please send email messages to MIA office.

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