For Foreigners

Would you like to become a MIA foreign member?

MIA recruits MIA foreign members. You will be registered as MIA foreign member free of charge. You can get MIA event information and work together as a volunteer.

Expense of becoming a MIA foreign member Free of charge
Privilege of MIA foreign members
  • MIA sends a “MIA Calendar”Newsletter for foreign resident to your home.
  • You can join in various volunteer activities.(Accidental insurance at the time of volunteering is applied.)
Procedure for registration of MIA foreign members
If you want to quit MIA foreign member,
  • Please contact MIA office.
In case that your contact address changes
  • Please contact MIA office.
Musashino International Association (MIA)
SWING 9F, Sakai 2-14-1,Musashino-shi , Tokyo 180-0022
TEL 0422-36-4511 FAX 0422-36-4513
Open: TUE - SAT 9:00-17:00(Closed on SUN,MON and Public Holidays)