For Foreign Nationals

Would you like to become a MIA foreign member?

MIA is always on the lookout for would-be members of different nationalities. Registration for foreign nationals is free of charge. Anyone interested in knowing about MIA events or would like to join in volunteer activities is welcome to become an MIA member.

Membership fee Free of charge
Membership perks
  • MIA will send the  “MIA Calendar”Newsletter directly to your home.
  • You can join in various volunteer activities.(insurance coverage included in case of accident during volunteer activity.)
Membership registration
To cancel membership:
  • Please contact the MIA office.
For changes in contact address/info:
  • Please contact the MIA office.
Musashino International Association (MIA)
SWING 9F, Sakai 2-14-1,Musashino-shi , Tokyo 180-0022
TEL 0422-36-4511 FAX 0422-36-4513
Open: TUE - SAT 9:00-17:00(Closed on SUN,MON and Public Holidays)