For Foreign Nationals

Multi-language radio program Musashino FM(FM78.2MHz) presented by FM Radio Program Volunteer Group


“NEWS from MIA” is presented by MIA’s FM Radio Program Volunteer Group. You can listen to the program by tuning in to the city’s local radio station Musashino FM(FM 78.2MHz.)The program is broadcasted for foreign residents in Japan in English, Korean, Chinese and Japanese, offering local news and information on Musashino City and cross-cultural exchange.

On Air 10:30-10:35
(repeat 17:45-17:50)
  • Mon:Japanase
  • Tues:English
  • Wed:Chinese
  • Thurs:Korean
  • Fri:English(repeat)


“NEWS from MIA and "MIA PLAZA"” can also be heard on PC/smartphone by accessing the website of MUSASHINO FM.


“NEWS from MIA” Musashino FM 78.2 MHz website

むさしの-FM 78.2


“MIA PLAZA” is a live talk show which invites foreign nationals as its guest, presented by MIA’s FM Radio Program Volunteer Group. This program allows local listeners to hear the voice and thoughts of foreigners, bringing listeners and guests closer to each other as residents of the same community.

On Air LIVE 18:00-18:30 Every fourth Saturday
Language Japanese

“MIA PLAZA" Musashino FM 78.2 MHz website

Musashino International Association (MIA)
SWING 9F, Sakai 2-14-1,Musashino-shi , Tokyo 180-0022
TEL 0422-36-4511 FAX 0422-36-4513
Open: TUE - SAT 9:00-17:00(Closed on SUN,MON and Public Holidays)