About Musashino International Association (MIA)

Musashino International Association (MIA) – History

1989 Established the foundation (City Office 6F)
Registration of 150 Interpretation Volunteers out of 200 applicants
1990 Office relocation (Junes Bldg 7F, Naka-cho)
Set up “MIA Volunteer Committee” (-’94)
Started Japanese Language Classes “Musashino Style”
1991 Launched the first issue of MIA Calendar in English・Chinese・Japanese
1992 Organized programs for international cooperation with Brasov city, Romania (-1998)
1993 Office relocation (Musashi-Sakai Musashino city Branch Office 2F)
1995 Set up “Musashino International Exchanges Citizens’ Committee”
Dispatch of Nihongo Koryu-In volunteers to Brasov city, Romania (-1997)
Set up “Independent Program Promotion Committee”
Program transfer from “Social Welfare Council for International Students Scholarship & Assistance”
1996 “Musashino International Exchanges Citizens’ Committee” submitted a report to Mayor/ Proposed reorganization to international exchange and cooperation center and acquisition of incorporated foundation status
Office relocation (SWING Bldg 9F)
Internship program(Received Brasov city Japanese language trainees) (-1998)
Co-hosted with Tokyo metropolitan government a seminar for instructors to promote internationalization
Started a networking event (MIA Plaza) for local organizations for international exchanges and cooperation
1997 Opened the office on Saturdays
Project for promotion of Japanese language education in the local community was delegated by Cultural Affairs Agency (-99)
1998 Started consultations in Chinese・Spanish
“Asociatia Musashino, Japonia” was opened in Brasov, Romania
MIA supported operations (-2007)
1999 Celebrated the 10th anniversary of MIA foundation
2000 Started teachers’ workshop
Started “Foreigners and Other Volunteers Dispatch Program”
Started “Interpretation Volunteer Dispatch Program”
Started “Professional Consultation for Foreigners”
2001 Positioned MIA Plaza as a major community event
2002 Launched “Ryugakusei Musashino Family Program”
Published Wow! Here comes a foreigner in my class!
Published Consultations for Foreigners: Basics (9 languages)
Entrusted by Cultural Affairs Agency a program for “Japanese Language Classes for Parents and Children” (-2004)
2003 Started program for foreigners’ participation in the community
Published Wow! Here Comes an NGO in My Class!
2004 Co-hosted teachers’ workshop summer session with JICA
Party to celebrate the 15th anniversary of MIA foundation
2005 Published Professional Consultations for Foreigners: Basic Vocabulary
Organized “Third National Conference for Practitioners of International Exchanges and Cooperation”
Promoted collaboration in the community including community centers
2006 Active participation in local community festivals
Reorganized “Volunteer Independent Program Promotion Committee”
Launched “Disaster Prevention Program for Foreigners”
2007 Increased regional cooperation programs such as “Musashi-sakai Picnic”
Agreed with the city to support foreigners at the time of disaster
2008 Opened “Professional Consultations” in evening for the first time
2009 Granted the status of “General Incorporated Foundation”
Held the 20th anniversary ceremony & party
Held Guidance on High School Entrance for Students & Guardians of Non-Japanese Speakers
2010 Granted the status of “Public Interest Incorporated Foundation”
2011 Translation assistance at multi-language support center, etc. after the Tohoku Region Pacific Coast Earthquake
Held charity events to support reconstruction from the Great East Japan Earthquake
2012 MIA Foreign Members community participation: Recipe Booklet
2013 Town meeting by citizens and Mayor (Co-hosted by Musashino City and MIA)
25th anniversary project: “MIA Lecture for Citizens: Relay Talk for International Understanding”
Designed the MIA logo
Published Miniature Version Journals (2004 – 2013): Commemoration of 25th Anniversary of the Foundation
2014 The 20th Japanese Speech Showcase
News Letter Musashino FRIENDs No. 100 (Serial Number)
2015 Published SUMIRE – Essay on Multicultural Harmony (Volunteer Independent Program)