What is “Musashino International Association” for?

“Musashino International Association” is a public interest incorporated foundation, often abbreviated as “MIA.” It is an organization to promote international exchange and to support foreign residents. There are various ways for citizens to participate in MIA programs, including casual events and volunteer activities, based on their specialties or interests.

How can I support MIA as an MIA Supporting Member?

MIA has a membership system to widen the circle of international exchange activities, and welcomes new members as needed. Anyone can get the membership. For details, please see the page for “MIA Supporting Members Wanted.”

Can I join the volunteer group for activities?

There are various volunteer groups in action, including “Foreign-Native Volunteer Support Group,” “Event Group,” “Volunteer News Editing Group,” “FM Radio Volunteer Group” etc. Please join the group of your interest. For details, see the page for “Volunteering”.

I am interested in volunteer activities related to international exchange.

MIA recruits volunteers as needed. Activities range from the ones you can start casually to the ones requiring your continuous support. You will find a variety of volunteer activities to choose from, so please start with the program of your interest, drawing on your specialties or experiences. For details, see the page for “Volunteering”.

I want to use foreign language skills in activities.

At MIA, there is an interpretation volunteer activity to support foreign residents, by interpreting in professional consultations or by interpreting/translating at hospitals and public administration offices etc. Interpretation volunteers are recruited once a year, around January.

I want to be a volunteer to teach foreign people Japanese language.

here are volunteers to assist foreign people getting used to the language and everyday-life, as well as volunteers to interact with foreign people in Japanese Language Courses. For details, please see the page for “Volunteering” under the section “Nihongo Koryu-in.”

I want to ask interpretation or translation service.

Interpretation volunteers registered at MIA are arranged to interpret or translate matters related to medicine, education, public administration, or legal consultations. They are not professional interpreters or translators, so in some cases, they may not be able to interpret or translate depending on the contents. Private requests for the service by individuals cannot be accepted. Please arrange to have the staff at public administration offices or hospitals contact MIA Office and request the service.

I moved to Musashino City. I am looking for consultation service available in foreign languages.

MIA Multi-Language Consultation & Information Service corner responds to consultations by foreign people regarding daily life in general. For MIA Multi-Language Consultation & Information Service, please see the page for "Consultation" and "Practical Information for Daily Life".

Can I get foreign language information for MIA events and everyday-life in the community?

MIA publishes “MIA Calendar (Japanese, English, Chinese, and Spanish)” including event information, schedules for Japanese language courses and consultations, with practical daily life information in the community. “MIA Calendar” introduces varieties of event information for foreign people, so that they can casually take part in. For details, please see the page for “Newsletter: MIA Calendar.”
Also, you can get various kinds of information in foreign languages on Musashino City website. Please see the page “Multilingual Information.”

I want to study Japanese language.

MIA has Japanese Language Courses for foreign people. Why don’t you study Japanese as you spend time together with MIA volunteers and people from different countries? If you are interested, please come to MIA Office in person and sign up. For application details, see the page for “Japanese courses.”

I want to learn foreign languages. What kinds of courses are provided at MIA?

MIA holds “Foreign Language Exchange Classes” for various languages as needed. The Class is held 8 times in all per the language, for people who learn it for the first time. It will not be continued for more than a term. For application details, please see the page for “Information of Events and Courses.”

I will stay in Musashino City for a while. Can I be introduced to a Japanese family I can have contact with each other during my stay here?

MIA has a program to make home visit arrangements for foreign students attending universities in Musashino and nearby cities to have contact with Japanese families. However, it is not the service to arrange home visits individually for foreign people in general.

I want to communicate casually with foreign people and hear what they have to say.

MIA holds events titled “Know the World! Let’s Communicate with People Worldwide!” as needed. The event aims at communicating with foreign people familiar to MIA, by hearing about the home countries and by learning their languages. For application details, please see the page for “Information of Events and Courses.”

I am interested in accepting foreign students at home.

MIA has “Ryugakusei Musashino Family Program” to introduce foreign students attending universities in Musashino and nearby cities to the interested families, so that they can freely contact with each other for a year based on home visit style. There are related lectures and party events as well. For application details, please see the page for “Volunteers Wanted.”

Is there any service to receive periodical information about MIA events and volunteer activities?

If you join MIA as a supporting member, “Musashino FRIENDs,” the MIA journal with event and volunteer information, is sent by post 4 times a year. There are also special discount rates to participate in some events. For details, please see the page for “MIA Supporting Members Wanted.”

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