About Musashino International Association (MIA)

Through promotion of international exchange in the community, Musashino International Association (MIA) is earnest in relation-building among foreign and Japanese residents to develop the community together. MIA is determined to realize “Tabunka Kyosei” multicultural society, where people with different cultures or backgrounds respect each other and live together. Toward this end, MIA has been organizing numerous projects with support and understanding by many people in the community.


I am Ms.OOSUGI Yukari, successor of Mr.KAWAGUCHI former chief director, and have started working at MIA office on April 2021.

Musashino International Association (MIA) was established in 1989, it made a new start in 2010 as Public interest incorporated foundation. The prospectus defines: “Through grass-root level international exchange and cooperation in Musashino city, and by promoting support for foreign residents, MIA aims at open society that contributes to world peace, based on cross-cultural mutual understanding and Tabunka Kyosei(multicultural) harmony in society.”

Through promotion of exchange between citizens and foreign residents with diverse cultural background in the local community, MIA is engaged in projects: Support for Foreign Residents to live comfortably, Communications Support, and Developing a Multicultural Society. MIA aims to build an open minded society that contributes to world peace, where people build good relationships and live together in the local community.

MIA activities are supported by many citizen volunteers. Why don’t you join our activities and make friends and experience our “Tabunka Kyosei” multicultural society in Musashino city and neighborhood? Each and every foreign residents and Japanese actively plays a key role and contributes to our local society.

Chief director

Musashino International Association