About Musashino International Association (MIA)

Through promotion of international exchange in the community, Musashino International Association (MIA) is earnest in relation-building among foreign and Japanese residents to develop the community together. MIA is determined to realize “Tabunka Kyosei” multicultural society, where people with different cultures or backgrounds respect each other and live together. Toward this end, MIA has been organizing numerous projects with support and understanding by many people in the community.


Musashino International Association (MIA) was established in 1989 (Heisei 1) initially as unincorporated association. Inheriting the original determination, it made a new start in 2009 (Heisei 21) as general incorporated foundation. The prospectus defines: “Through grass-root level international exchange and cooperation in Musashino city, and by promoting support for foreign residents, MIA aims at open society that contributes to world peace, based on cross-cultural mutual understanding and Tabunka Kyosei harmony in society.”

Considering foreign residents as valuable members who introduce different values, manners and customs to the local people, MIA creates opportunities for them to express freely about their experiences so that they can be comfortably blended into everyday life in the community. MIA believes that exchange of ideas derives from sharing times in such occasions, enhances the concept of living together as neighbors in the society, and plays an important role in regional development. Furthermore, such chain reaction of communication must be the key factor in achieving MIA’s goal of “an open society that contributes to world peace.”

Let us create Kyosei society here in Musashino, where foreigners and Japanese go hand in hand to live together harmoniously.

Hirohisa Kawaguchi

Musashino International Association