2018/9/8Co-hosted by MIA & Tokyo Metropolitan Government: Training Course “Omotenashi Language Volunteers for Foreign Tourists”

[Note] Same contents as the one by Tokyo Metropolitan Government; You can sign up just once, and be listed as a Tokyo’s “Omotenashi Language Volunteer for Foreign Tourists,” not as an Olympic game site volunteer.

Detailed information

Date Sep 8 (Sat) 13:00-16:30
Place SWING 10F Skyroom
Eigilility Those who live, work or attend schools in Musashino City, or MIA Members, capable of daily casual English conversation. Beyond junior high school.
Content Learning Omotenashi spirit and communication basics, role playing in English ,etc. Lectures in Japanese.
Capacity 60 people (First come, first served)


2018/9/8外国人おもてなし語学ボランティア育成講座申込みTraining Course Omotenashi Language Volunteers for Foreign Tourists Application form

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Musashino International Association (MIA)
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