2019/11/30一緒に行こう!江戸・東京たてもの園(外国人対象)An Excursion to Edo-Tokyo Tatemono-En!(Foreigners only)

Let's visit and look around Edo-Tokyo Tatemono-En together! The explanation will be in easy Japanese. After 2 hours looking around, we are going to have a break(snack time) and chat time.

Detailed information

日時 Date 11月30日(土) 13:30~16:30 November 30, Saturday ,From 1:30p.m to 4:30p.m.
集合場所 Meeting spot 自分で行く ⇒「江戸・東京たてもの園」入口前
みんなで行く ⇒JR東小金井駅 改札前
Meet up at in front of the entrance of “Edo-Tokyo Tatemono-en “ if you prefer to go by yourself.
対象 Eligibility 外国人の方(子ども同伴可)Foreigners only. Children allowed.
定員 Capacity 20名 Up to 20 members
参加費 Fee 400円(入園料)¥400 as the entrance fee
持ち物 お菓子、飲みものなど Bring some snacks and drinks if you like.
申込み Application 11月15日までに電話または以下申込みフォームより November 15 is the deadline for applications, to MIA.


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