Important: The operation of MIA in response to the state of emergency(4/25-5/31)

1. Important notice in participating events and volunteering
We may suspend an event to ensure citizens’ and volunteers’ safety, as well as to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Also, when participating events and volunteering, please pay attention to the following:
・Please join the event with precautionary measures such as wearing a face mask
・If you have a fever or not feeling well, please stay home
・Since Covid-19 has an incubation period, if it has been less than 2 weeks since you have returned from abroad, please do not participate in any event. We request the same to people who have had contact with people who returned from abroad.

2.The suspension of volunteer interpreter’s dispatch
Basically, we will suspend dispatching volunteer interpreters out of Musashino city during the state of emergency (4/25-5/31). This measure is of in consideration of the volunteer’s health and safety and preventing the spread of COVID-19. Thank you for your cooperation.

3.The Japanese course
The Japanese course (in-person) started from January 2021 and is ongoing with measures as follows.
・Wear a mask
・Use shield curtain/face shield
・Socially distance at more than 1 meter
・Reduce 70% of the class capacity
・Hands sanitization and ventilation
・Suspension of ill participants from attendance
4.The participation fee for multi-day events (Japanese course included)
During a multi-day event (Japanese course included), if someone becomes infected with Covid-19, MIA will cancel the remaining event, and MIA will reimburse all the participants for the remaining event. Also, instead of reimbursement, we may switch the event online. In that case, for those who may not be able to participate online, MIA will reimburse you.
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