【Foreign residents in Musashino city】Notice on Covid-19 vaccination from Musashino-city.

・All foreign residents are eligible to receive Covid-19 vaccine.
・Please read the letter from Musashino-city.
・The City will mail each resident a vaccination ticket.
・Vaccination is free of charge.

Covid-19 vaccination priority groups in order.

The date is sent

When to book vaccination appointment

① People who live in nursing home

From early May

From early May

②People aged 75 and over

April 23(Fri)

From May 6 Thurs)8:30a.m.

③People aged between 65 to 75

From early June

As soon as you receive your ticket

④ People with underlying health issues

To be announced

To be announced


To be announced

To be announced

※Please book vaccination appointment after you have received the ticket.

【For questions regarding scheduling your appointment, ticket and vaccination venue, please contact Musashino-city hall】
(Musashino-city hall)
TEL: 0570-666-852(Japanese/English)

Musashino city hall website regarding Covid-19 vaccination (Japanese)

Covid-19 vaccination site in Musashino city(Japanese)

Translations of Prevaccination Screening Questionnaire for COVID-19 vaccine(Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare)

Musashino International Association (MIA)
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